Thalia Ioannidou has a distinguished record in audiovisual projects. Since 2001, she has composed, improvised, or performed original music works for albums, theater plays, movie soundtracks, and art installations becoming a reference in the Athenian artistic scene. As a founding members of Drog_A_Tek and MiniMaximum improVision she has participated in multimedia art projects presented in Greece and abroad, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute – Athen, Documenta 14, NEON Organisation and the Hellenic Festival. The past years she has contributed with music or sound design projects to the work of acclaimed theater directors and groups such as M. Marmarinos, L. Langarde, A. Brouskou, Blitz Theatre Group, the Erasers, G. Mavragani, V. Sardelis. She is most interested in developing experimental music compositions based on improvisation techniques, field recordings while investigating the emergence of subjective spaces and narratives through sound.


Lefteris Theodosis has been awarded a PhD title in Theory and History of Architecture and has contributed to diverse projects on the subject of postwar urbanism. Recently he has initiated a research about the origins of modern music in Greece examining in particular the activities of Constantinos Doxiadis’ Athens Center of Ekistics that took place during the 1960s with the participation of distinguished artists such as Iannis Xenakis or Anestis Logothetis. Altogether, his interest and experience in music has followed diverse paths: he has obtained the diploma in classical guitar while the past years under the alias Zeda Vega he has developed a solo musical project using analogue and electronic equipment. Currently his research interests focus on interdisciplinary projects that blur the boundaries between urbanism, architecture, sound experimentation and music performance.

Zeda Vega

Stefan Schneider has originally studied photography with Prof. Bernd Becher at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, however since 1994 he works as an electronic musician and producer. He is a founding member of Düsseldorf’s electronic outfit Kreidler (1994-99) and has been a third of the internationally highly acclaimed trio To Rococo Rot (1995-2014). In the past years, he has collaborated and produced with a.o. Joachim Roedelius (Cluster), Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Bill Wells, Klaus Dinger (Kraftwerk, Neu!), Hauschka, Alexander Balanescu, St. Etienne, Arto Lindsay, Sofia Jernberg, Natascha Sadr-Haghighian, Katharina Grosse, John McEntire (Tortoise), Nicholas Addo Nettey (Fela Kuti Band), Koshiro Hino (Goat). Stefan Schneider has participated in multimedia art projects, he has developed sound installations, and since 2011 – on invitation of Goethe Institut Nairobi and the UNESCO – he has conducted extensive field recordings in Kenya.