Experimenting on communication through this blog, 1 : Clarifying “Αbout”

this is Not Bauhaus

Although i like very much the proposal, when it comes to dealing with it, in order to go on with the first part of the project, it seems like i have many gaps in my understanding… So, if i am not getting too analytical, i need to ask things-or put some thoughts here, like thinking loud, in order to break it down and understand better and start talking with examples, as planed! (If you guys, as you ve also met and talked on some things, have an idea that can “unstick me”, plz do)

So, what do we mean by “Explore the role of music and sound in the synergy of arts having as a starting point Bauhaus’ modernism.” What do we mean by Bauhaus modernism?

“Identify the aesthetics and music composition elements that have characterized modernism: from the geometric movements of Oscar Schlemmer’s man/machine dancers to Kraftwerk’s Robots.” ….”The first part of the project will focus on the analysis of selected works identified with modernism and which are benchmarks for multimedia artistic creation.” I feel that thinking of modernism, it broadens our subject. Modernism has begun long before Bauhaus movement and the threshold point of the Futurist’s input in the history of music (that gradually evolved into electronic, electroacoustic etc music) was again before (and far from) Bauhaus, as also far from its logic. So, what our focus should be?

Is it our focus multimedia art and the role of music to this? In this case, we should not go into “aesthetics and music composition elements that have characterised modernism” generally, right?

Gesamkunstwerk as well is not a term introduced by Bauhaus in to the art universe, although they used it as a key term in their concepts. (thinking about legacy)


2 thoughts on “Experimenting on communication through this blog, 1 : Clarifying “Αbout””

  1. Gesamkunstwerk is one of the concepts that we could explore in this project but is in no way binding for the composition and final performance. It was introduced as a thread that connects different “modernisms” or avant-garde artistic acts. In particular, the reference to the Triadic Ballet and Kraftwerk’s robots was pointing to aesthetic elements that connect the prominent Bauhaus spectacle and a highly influential project in electronic music. The latter puts Düsseldorf’s music scene in the picture.


  2. On the other hand the work of avant-garde artists such as Anestis Logothetis or Iannis Xenakis (I am thinking as well the development of “spatial” music scores) are efforts of unifying the arts through musical composition.
    Finally, the idea of Bauhaus’ modernism is something that we can discuss especially related to some myths that surround the whole movement. I will come back to this in another post.


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